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Peldon Hall Farms Ltd
is a limited company registered
in England and Wales.

Registered Office:
Company No. 08222539


Storage at Peldon Hall Farm
Storage barnHere at Peldon Hall we have the use of 16 stores, 40 bins of forty tonnes and within the stores there is the facility to convert them into smaller holding areas, we also can store organic grain.

Storage barns




Grain Storage Prices ()

Weighbridge charged per vehicle weighed 7.85
Handling IN and OUT of store
Acceptance/handling IN/sampling/testing and fax report   * 3.20 per tonne
Handling OUT/sampling/faxing/stock control * 2.50 per tonne
Containers (Health & Safety) Only BOX containers coming IN 1.75 per tonne
Transport 3.10 per tonne
*  archive sample retained per tonne
per tonne
Thesecharges are made when the product comes in as an overall charge
any additional charges for failed tests will be passed on
STORAGE per week (Friday to Friday) from 30 tonnes upwards 0.30 per tonne
NB: Less than 30 tonnes per week – Minimum charge of £10.00 /week is applicable


Moisture extracted
Upto 3% 7.00 per tonne
3-4% 7.80 per tonne
4-5% 8.90 per tonne
5-6% 9.70 per tonne


1.65 per tonne
per tonne


Aspirate 4.35 per tonne
Sieve by size up to 5% removal 4.35 per tonne
(For each additional 1% thereof) 0.70 per tonne
Gravity Separation 9.30 per tonne
Colour sort ** 9.15 per tonne


Labels 2.35 per tonne
Application of labels 2.35 per tonne
Pallets 4.85 each
Shrink Wrap 2.85 per tonne
Split load 1.30 per tonne
Polyprops ( poly bags) 0.30 per bag


Standard bagging in 25kg bags 26.45 per tonne
Bagging in 1 ton tote bags 13.45 per tonne
1 ton Tote bags 12.10 each
Paper bags  40 bags per tonne 0.43 each
Postage and Packaging of Samples sent out 17.50 each
OVERTIME/Minimum load charge on very small jobs 43.50 per hour

Additional Services

Any additional services are priced in accordance with the specific requirements of the client.
Full details are available from Mr JM Sawdon.
VAT - all prices are exclusive of VAT at 20%
** - Screenings to waste unless otherwise specified by customer
Storage - minimum charge per commodity stored seperately will be £10 per week.


Grain Storage
We have large storage facilities capable of holding grain and seed including organic for any length of time.

Grain Cleaning
Using up-to-date equipment such as our gravity separation table and colour sorter to achieve high quality grain and seed.

The Laboratory
We have a fully equiped laboratory capable of testing many types of seed and grain for most purposes.

Grain Processes
Follow our process guide to see what we do with loads that come into us.