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Peldon Hall Farms Ltd
is a limited company registered
in England and Wales.

Registered Office:
Company No. 08222539


Quality Control

Quality ControlPeldon Hall Farms stores and handles products under a number of quality protocols ……..

The farm stores , tests and handles grain under the BS EN ISO 9001-2000 NQA Management system this has been held since 1994 and retained since. This gives credence to the Peldon Hall Quality Manual which operates using this nationally recognised standard.

To also give our clients assurance of high standards the storage facilities and laboratory testing operate under the Trade Assurance Scheme for Combinable Crops (TASCC) which now incorporates HACCP principles to ensure food and feed safety throughout the handling and storage.

In addition to the above Peldon Hall farms has also reached the standards needed by the Soil Association so that approved Organic Products can be handled, tested and stored on site.

The farm crop is harvested and stored to the Assured Combinable Crop Scheme (ACCS) this standard has been met since July 2002.

To ensure these standards are met apart from the annual appraisals from the awarding organisations internal audits are carried out on a monthly basis on all areas by an external advisor.

None of these standards can be retained without the knowledge and skills of the permanent workforce. Who receive regular training and information to ensure that all the products are handled using the above standards  along with the procedures  in the Peldon Hall Quality Manual as required.

The staff are also responsible for the record keeping of product data and physical samples to support all the storage and testing that is carried out.


Grain Storage
We have large storage facilities capable of holding grain and seed including organic for any length of time.

Grain Cleaning
Using up-to-date equipment such as our gravity separation table and colour sorter to achieve high quality grain and seed.

The Laboratory
We have a fully equiped laboratory capable of testing many types of seed and grain for most purposes.

 Grain Processes
Follow our process guide to see what we do with loads that come into us.