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Packaging and Storage

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The Process
Stage1 Stage2

Step 1

When the lorry arrives it is driven on the weighbridge to get weighed in.

Step 2

The load is then sampled and tested the results are reported to the customer.

Stage3 Stage4

Step 3

The load is then tipped into our dresser, samples are taken every hour from this point.

Step 4

The load then is passed over the gravity seperator extracting stones or other debris from the load.

Stage5 Stage6

Step 5

If the customer requires it the load is then put through the color sorter to filter out the grains that do not match the light shined upon it.

Step 6

Once ready the load is taken to our bagging plant and is put into bags and onto pallets using our pace packer.

VideoClick on picture for video.

Stage7 Stage8

Step 7

The bags are either loaded into a ocean bound container using our converyor belt and are hand stacked inside the container.

Step 8

Or the bags are loaded on to a curtain sided lorry using a folk lift ready for transportation any where.


Grain Storage
We have large storage facilities capable of holding grain and seed including organic for any length of time.

Grain Cleaning
Using up-to-date equipment such as our gravity separation table and colour sorter to achieve high quality grain and seed.

The Laboratory
We have a fully equiped laboratory capable of testing many types of seed and grain for most purposes.

 Grain Processes
Follow our process guide to see what we do with loads that come into us.